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If we direct our desires according to God's will, we would learn many a holy lesson from our daily lives. Nothing is so small and unimportant that it does not, in some way, reflect God's wisdom and goodness. When we have become as good and unselfish as we should be, we will find it easy to understand the deeper meaning of the events in our daily lives. An unselfish heart sees much more than what appears on the surface.  God created Heaven and earth for the service of us. God even appointed angels to help us. In fact, God is continually serving and helping us. If we live as God desires, then one day we shall share the perfect happiness and bliss, and union with HIM in Heaven.  What are we doing in return for HIS numberless favors? We should serve God every single day of our lives. Yet, we fail to give unselfish service even for one single day. God deserves all possible obedience, all possible honor, and eternal praise. To God, we owe each breath and second of life. Without
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 The highest purpose and goal of our life is union with God in Heaven. Therefore, let our intentions throughout the day be guided by this truth. In all things lets' be sure to stay on the path which leads to Heaven. Lets' not become too deeply interested in the passing desires and brief enjoyments of this earthly life.  God has given us everything that we are and everything we have. All things come to us from God, the Supreme Good. Whatever comes, lets' accept it, enjoy it, as God wishes and as much as God wishes.  If we think only of satisfying ourselves, without considering God's approval, our mind becomes confused and our will becomes weak. Mistakes and sins will rob us of peace on earth and of unending happiness in heaven. In all things, therefore, lets' keep our eyes on God.  Happy are those who desire only what God wants, trying steadily to do God's will. Such people do not let themselves become completely absorbed by their daily activities. They f